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TheRunawayGuys: Turnabout Arachnids pt. 4
Theme: [link]
Court Record: Court record
(Author's note: from now on, at the end of all these, I will be ending them with either a puzzle or a cliffhangar in the case. I wanna see whether or not you all can figure them out ;)). 
September 23rd. Courtroom Lobby number 4. 12:30 PM
"Ok," Tim sat down in front of the other two members, "What do we know about this case?"
"Ok so first," Jon decided to start off after an awkward silence of 30 seconds., "We went to Wolfe's manor. Wolfe left. Next thing we know, he calls us screaming us to shut off the power. Then the Den of Spiders or whatever it was exploded and we find him dead with a blow to the head. Blood all over his forehead. His eyes looked gouged. Kinda cool actually." Tim did his his best to suppress his vomit.
"I couldn't put it better myself Jon," Emile sounded a bit nauseated with that de
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EHPA (Tiffile Finale): 'Study' Date
"Coming Coming!!" Tim cried from the other room as he ran towards the door from the other room, "Jeez I didn't realize how popular these two would be after only a couple of hours of random dating....also how are all these people getting our address?! Aren't we supposed to be anonymous with this stuff or something?!" Tim mumbled as he opened the front door.
What he saw was an incredibly hot cheerleader with golden blonde hair, deep blue eyes and an hourglass body look deep within Tim's eyes. Tim just stared as Tiffany walked through the door and towards Tim.
"Hey handsome," Tiffany said in almost a seductive voice, " know where I can find Emile?" It took Tiffany to slap Tim's cheek before Tim realized what was going on.
"Oh's....uhh...somewhere in this house.....hey what exactly is going to happen today?" Tiffany just winked as she left Tim still wondering what happened. 
It didn't take Tiffany long before she
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Everything we make is sand by niani362 Everything we make is sand :iconniani362:niani362 0 0 Youtube Bingo - TRG edition by niani362 Youtube Bingo - TRG edition :iconniani362:niani362 14 1 Pervert watched me sleep by niani362 Pervert watched me sleep :iconniani362:niani362 0 8 1st villain - Phantomus by niani362 1st villain - Phantomus :iconniani362:niani362 2 0
TheRunawayGuys: To the ends of time Part 1
The air around the meeting hall seemed more vivid than it was a few minutes ago. Maybe it was TRG’s willingness to help and get their ass kicked a couple of times. Maybe it was the renewed vigor that TRG’s acceptance to get attacked by a bunch of people. Either way, that was happy.
“Alright everyone,” Nikhil called out once everyone was settled in the meeting room, “The three in front of us just joined our forces. Which means we have at least a fighting chance. But at this moment,” Nikhil looked at their would be heroes (one was picking his nose, one was falling asleep, and one was looking really angry at the ones that were sleeping/picking his nose), “At this point...they don’t stand a chance.” Everyone looked back after seeing that.
“I say we throw them in the ocean and surrender.” Bogart suggested. Nikhil shook his head.
“Bogart! Shut up!!” The shouting woke Emile up.
“Ok,” Emile said once he h
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Project L Teaser: Easter egg #2 by niani362 Project L Teaser: Easter egg #2 :iconniani362:niani362 2 6
My Sandcastle Kingdom
(Words: 402)
Me: Hmm? Who are you?
Oh please, don't worry about that. It's not like you already know who I am.
Me: I already know?
Please. I know how you help me, you've watched me, threatened me, and even fought me. But I always come back.
You know who I am now, right?
Me:...yeah. So, what now? Are you here to take me now?
Maybe. Depends. What do you think? Are you ready to walk with me?
Me: I really don't want to.
Me:....I don't know. Maybe I fear walking through that street. I fear closing that curtain.
Why? In the end we're all the same. Humans. Animals. Everything has a timeshare in Heaven or Hell. Do you fear your judgement?
Me: I don't think I want to go. I still have so much to live for.
Live for? Interesting. Such a human answer.
Me: What? Why? I simply wish to build a kingdom for myself with my own hands. My legac
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Never-Ending Gaming: Chapter 18
At the top of the staircase, the group found themselves in a dimly lit hallway, with the only light source being a giant clock at the end. Looking around, they could see mechanized gears and wires littering the floors and walls. Some moving, some not. Some huge, perfect for sabotage. Some small enough for a mouse. Dark-red colored writings could be seen on the walls with no gears on them. The clock itself shown the time 5:30.
One of the writings particularly unnerving 'Andrea':
GloRy And PRaiSe We SHalL SiNg
FoR tHE ComIng oF OuR New QueEn

'Nikhil', for 'his' part, was reading aloud story at the opposite end of the wall: 
"We chased the uncle through the mansion until we reached the ceiling of the Clock Tower. He started laughing. He talked about a woman who would keep him alive right before he jumped off. We all saw as his body fell into the deep hole at the base. We went to check and found no pulse, as to be expected. Just to be sure, we chained his hands to t
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Project L Contest: What should Emile say? by niani362 Project L Contest: What should Emile say? :iconniani362:niani362 4 0 You people think I joke but.... by niani362 You people think I joke but.... :iconniani362:niani362 1 6
Shokugeki no....TheRunawayGuys....
For anyone who gave me food ideas but forgot what they gave me: [link]
Theme/opening: [link]
For a funny abridged version of that song: [link]
Words: 2770
“Ok Emile. I have to admit, this place is pretty good.” Jon admitted as he took another bite of his pasta. At first, it took Emile a lot of prodding and bribing (Emile owes Tim a car and Jon another round at Wheel of Fortune) but he finally was able to take Jon and Tim to his new favorite restaurant:
Sloshman’s deli. Bad name. Really bad name. Great food
“Didn’t I tell you this place was good!” Emile smiled as he chewed on his bacon fries, “seriously, who else would think of some
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Project L teaser: Easter egg #1 by niani362 Project L teaser: Easter egg #1 :iconniani362:niani362 2 5 KYU-PID!! by niani362 KYU-PID!! :iconniani362:niani362 2 3
TheRunawayGuys: Turnabout Arachnids part 3

Theme of this fic:

Author's note: From now on, I'm going to be adding in a tiny Court Record so you all can be aware of the evidence of the case.
After the murder we called the police. The Wolfes let us sleep in their...mansion (Emile was kinda happy about that),until the police arrived at around 5AM and started questioning us
"For the last time, Emile, Wolfe was not killed by a spider person. There's no such thing as spider people. So can you please stop hugging my neck because you're SLOWLY SUFFOCATING ME!" Jon screamed that last part loud enough for Emile to get off of Jon's neck. They were walking towards the Den of Spiders in order to check out what was happening right now (Or at least Tim was....he was checking every rock, nook and tree while Emile and Jon kinda laid low and let him do his thing).
It wasn't long before they reached the flamed wreckage that was the Den. Already, a bunch of workers were towering around, trying to figure out
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Random Favourites

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Ok: Gonna make this short and sweet cuz I don't have a lot of time rn.

1) I tested a couple of voice acting things, and it seems to be working pretty fucking well, all things considered. So I decided to make a full announcement about this. A couple of months ago I threw the idea out in the open, now I'm giving a full announcement: Is there any one out there who wants to help voice act a couple of characters. Right now, I think I need one or two characters (One boy and one girl). Also, I know there are some people who gave me their OC's to use, and to those people: would you mind either voice acting those characters or allowing me to have someone else voice act your OC? If you want someone else to VA, tell me what kinda voice you guys would like. Just so I have something to work with. Again I'm not sure if I'll get enough VA's once this is all well and done, but I can still try. If you want to try VA'ing, you can contact me via skype, Twitter, Email, Youtube, notes, comment, literally any way except Discord (For some reason my computers have an extremely hard time getting on Discord and it take it like 15 minutes to get on and it's just a pain). 

2) Still looking for fan art/comments on why we play video games. If anyone has art/comments/writing they'd like to donate, please tell me.

3) A long ass time ago (I think maybe like three years ago...), when I was still starting out, I wrote a biography called "TRG and my life"....this was basically a little story I wrote explaining why I started watching TRG and how they affected me personally. I took it down because while I got older, I realized some of that stuff didn't really apply anymore. I highly doubt everyone who watches me now actually read that considering how far long ago it's been (I can think of maybe one person who I know for a fact read it), but I'm thinking it would be interesting and a little less daunting for people to donate their stories if I donated mine. So I guess my question is this: Would an updated version of "TRG and my life" be interesting for you all? I'm going to leave this for maybe a couple of days before I delete it, considering it is kinda personal.

But that's basically it. Thanks again everyone for being part of this insane one year....thing I've been doing. I have made a lot of progress just saying and I think I know what the next teaser image will be. Either way, hope you guys have a good summer and this is Niani362, signing off.…

I hope you like. 

Again, not a game designer, barely know the ins and outs of what I'm doing, plus this was a tiny side project, so don't expect anything amazing.

Just saying, I really want Feedback in the form of a journal, status update, note, whatever. Whatever you want as long as I have some semblance on how I did. In all honesty, these themes are going to be in the main project, so I'd really be intrigued about how I did. 

Just saying, that last character in this experience......he'll be making a return a lot of times, especially in the main project.

Please, enjoy, and in all honesty it's only about 30 minutes, and I would love feedback. 

Thank you so much for being part of this journey.

This is niani362, signing off


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